Updates have been few and far between lately. I have had a lot going on in the past couple of months. I've been dealing with the crazy amount of snow and ice that the storms brought us.

I started a new job last month and that's going really well. I have been working with VBA and PowerShell there. Two technologies I never would have guessed I'd ever work with. It's been a weird transition working with Microsoft products. But I am enjoying it.

I'm also working on a large personal project that is coming together. Artwork is done and most of the coding is ready. I'll discuss that later when I launch it.

I'll try to get better at posting more regularly but I'm not going to make any promises. I'm slammed with projects and work right now.


Saturday morning I woke up and wanted to write something in Python. I wasn't exactly sure what to write. After some thought I decided to write a Tic Tac Toe game that could be played within a terminal window. I came up with the logic while taking a shower and luckily had it wrapped up by mid afternoon. I'm not currently happy with the output so as soon as I polish that up I'll post the code. Here's a peak of what the output currently looks like after you choose whether you're X or O...

Tic Tac Toe Game

I'll admit that I would have had it ready to share if it weren't for Fester's Quest. I forgot just how fun that game is. I also forgot just how difficult it is. So yes... I may have been a little distracted. I was bored! What do you expect?

NES Fester's Quest ROM


Today I glanced over at a pile of NES games that I have. I thought it'd be fun to play a few of them. Instead of hooking up the NES I installed NEStopia for Linux. NEStopia is a free emulator that I have enjoyed using in the past. Once installed, I then downloaded a few free ROMs from The NES Files. I may have opened a can of worms because there are a lot of games I want to play again. Games such as Battle Toads, Bubble Bobble, Friday the 13th, Fester's Quest, Donkey Kong, RBI Baseball, the list goes on and on.

Friday the 13th NES

A screenshot from Friday the 13th

Remote Control Game Show NES

A screenshot from MTV's Remote Control Game Show


Around 2001 a friend (Pete Lindeman) and I started a web hosting and development company called, Veloy Technologies. We had an amazing store front office on Walnut Street in Mankato, Minnesota. We were up and running for a few years until our largest client acquired us. I believe we were ahead of our time back then. I only wish that I had been mature enough eighteen years ago to handle the stress and responsibilities of owning a business. I think we could have done bigger and better things with a sales team and proper management.

Below is a screen shot of our company's website in 2001. We also had a separate site for technical support for our web hosting clients, our very own IRC server running for live help, as well as our own web-based email client that we developed specifically for our customers' use.

Veloy Technologies


I some times find myself looking through backups of photos, websites, code, etc. for fun. I stumbled across this website mock-up from 2008 by my old friend Ken Adams. I ran with this for a couple of years. He has always created fun graphics for me to work with and I always enjoy working with him.

It's been eleven years now. I look at this and I just can't believe how far web development has come in such a short time. It continues to change rapidly and I do believe that it has to be one of the most exciting fields to be involved in.

Dom in 2008

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