I need to get my hands on a Summer Convention, Limited Edition, Rat Fink by Funko. These turned out awesome and I want one!

Rat Fink (Funko Pop)


I utilize the Brave web browser on all of my PC's (Linux, Mac, and Windows) as well as on all of my mobile devices. It's fast, safe, secure, and follows W3C standards for a better viewing experience. I highly recommend watching the below interview with, Yan Zhu (BCRYPT) and consider giving Brave a try!


Microsoft PowerShell

I've used PowerShell in the past on projects at work. Mainly searching through multiple documents looking for certain patterns and outputting the files that matched those patterns. This week I had a task of pulling 154 records out of a document that had 156,000 records total. The script would then need to write those 154 records to a new text file keeping the exact same format as they were in the original document.

I originally thought about doing this with Python but I wanted to try with PowerShell. With the help of online docs and PowerShell's help pages I was able to piece together the code to do this in about 10 lines that ran in under a minute and worked beautifully. I must say PowerShell is definitely a step in the right direction for Microsoft. Working on a command line and having many tools available to me really made me feel as if I were back working on one of my Linux workstations.

I highly recommend PowerShell for developers working in a Microsoft Windows environment. Especially if you're working with large amounts of data.


I stumbled across a nice online regular expression testing tool yesterday. It's called RegExPal and has been a handy tool for writing regular expressions and testing them before implementation.


Today I glanced over at a pile of NES games that I have. I thought it'd be fun to play a few of them. Instead of hooking up the NES I installed NEStopia for Linux. NEStopia is a free emulator that I have enjoyed using in the past. Once installed, I then downloaded a few free ROMs from The NES Files. I may have opened a can of worms because there are a lot of games I want to play again. Games such as Battle Toads, Bubble Bobble, Friday the 13th, Fester's Quest, Donkey Kong, RBI Baseball, the list goes on and on.

Friday the 13th NES

A screenshot from Friday the 13th

Remote Control Game Show NES

A screenshot from MTV's Remote Control Game Show

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